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Articles Supporting Concepts We Use for Team Building

Meet Perfigliano, a virtual team-building platform

Perfigliano inspires better remote team performance. The Perfigliano experts learn about your team’s struggles through a short survey and design customized sessions to improve your team’s dynamics. Techniques we use include executive coaching exercises, storytelling, improv, behavior change and anxiety distortion. We have shown significant improvements in morale, trust, communication and more, all for less than a quarter of the cost of an off-site.

The 7-Step Perfigliano Experience

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Remote Team Strengths & Weaknesses Evaluation (Free)

Repeat Monthly to Sustain Meaningful Change

Expert Shows You Team Building Session Built for Your Team (Free)

Post-Session Report Detailing Your Team's Key Findings

We Help You Find a Time That Works for Your Team

Your Team Joins a Virtual Session Led by a Team Building Expert

Receive Session Details & Marketing Content


Customer Results

(Self-reported data from attendees after completing two sessions)

I was surprised at how fun the session actually was! We have tried other team building tools before, but none of them were as engaging.

Sandra, Product Manager

I love how the Perfigliano team learned about the way our team develops marketing assets. They then tied every exercise back to specifics of what we wanted to accomplish and how our team works today.

Bina, Marketing Associate

This helped a ton. We needed a morale boost with some leadership changes. This hit the spot. The team learned some surprising facts about one another that brought them closer.

Anda, Head of People


Customized Session Plan

Complete our pre-evaluation survey and receive a custom session curriculum built around your team by leading experts.

1-Hour Virtual Session

Payment occurs after session completes, except for a $100 deposit. This includes a max of 20 attendees. There's a 100% refund if you are not satisfied.

2-Hour Virtual Session

Payment occurs after session completes, except for a $200 deposit. This has a max of 20 attendees. 100% refund if not satisfied for any reason.


The Experts Designing Sessions

5 Team Building Experts

  • Specialize in remote team building
  • 1000+ hours of corporate team building sessions
  • Masters degrees in Organizational Leadership and Team Building

2 Behavior Change Specialists

  • Experts in helping corporate employees refine thinking and behavior to reach individual and team goals
  • Client experience at Uber, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and more

2 Executive Coaches

  • Specialize in teaching leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Experience with clients at Fortune 1000 companies
  • 500+ hours of client experience

1 Social Anxiety Therapist

  • Specializes in how social anxiety affects team cohesion and performance
  • Spent 400+ hours helping employees
  • Used at Salesforce, Google and Medtronic