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Who Said Tackling
Can't Be Fun?

Skip the self-help videos and awkward meetups. Try an online escape adventure with real people
that subtly weaves in social exercises to help you build social confidence with new friends.


Meet Perfigliano

Perfigliano is the first online platform to help people practice social skills and build confidence. You can join from your computer on your sofa and play in an immersive story that an instructor will narrate for your group.

Social Skills Matter

Every facet of life depends on your social skills. Whether its making friends, dating, getting job promotions, or something else, you need the ability to confidently connect with other people to reach your goals.


But Socializing Is Hard

We are founded by a team that has suffered from social anxiety and understands the hurdles of wanting to socialize but not being able to. Whether it’s being stuck in your head or unable to overcome the inner critic that feels like everything will go wrong, we understand the hurdles well.

We've Got You Covered

That is why we built Perfigliano to allow people to dip their toe first. The experience is much more focused on the fun story, along the way you build social skills that you can keep and use in real life. You can join the platform from your home and hide your camera or audio whenever you feel.


Improv Is The Core

We use improv techniques that are the #1 way to practice socializing in a simulated and gamified way. Improv expands far beyond the theater world and has been show to be effective with social anxiety.


Start for Free

No credit card needed. Start for free with a short quiz to find your social superpower and then sign up for a session. If you like the taster class, feel free to sign up for a journey.


Pillars of Perfigliano

1-Hour Online Sessions
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No need to drive anywhere. Interact with real people from your sofa, bed or kitchen.

Hilariously Fun
Immersive Group Stories
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A session lead will narrate an immersive story that includes easy improv games.

Share What You Want
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Control when to share your camera or audio and option to privately message session lead.

Caring Environment
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We pair you with 6-12 other like-minded people from a quiz and an instructor to help you grow.

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How Does it Work?


What People Say

This is way fun. I liked the story in Victorian England where our group had to solve who has the sack of gold. I actually contacted one of the other group members after our session. We are friends now! So cool.

Bernice K.

Really nice way to get some time with people outside of my work life. I’ve been wanting to build confidence at work to give better presentations, and this helped me a lot.

Pushpa R.

Our instructor was hilarious. I really liked how supportive they were. He made is such that everyone’s input folded into what the group created. It’s like an origami piece.

Nara L.

Media Articles

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Published by CNN -- Every New Year, I pick a new hobby – yoga, sailing, something I don’t know how to do – and in 2011, I chose improv comedy. I was absolutely terrified.

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Published by Recode -- It turns out improv isn’t just about comedy — in fact, it didn’t even start out that way. Instead, it could be used to hone social skills

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Image is not available

Improvisational comedy has gone mainstream, thanks to pros like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari, and to movies like Don't Think Twice.

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